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UJA Case for Giving

UJA Federation

Picking up from our work together in 2021, the 2022 UJA Case for Giving donor appeal carries the energy and bold typographic approach forward.




UJA Annual Report

UJA Federation

Bold. Branded. Partnering with the good people at UJA Federation of New York, we strategized a design solution to create striking hero images from video captures and reportage resources for their annual report. As the pandemic was being down graded, Now We Go Forward turns toward a more positive tone employing a photographic approach of colorful overlays integrated with typography. Silhouetted images add an engaging effect throughout the themes of making a positive difference.

CUF Reports Design


Center for an Urban Future (CUF), a leading New York City-based think tank, sought out a report template design refresh to showcase their recommendations. The solution creates a unique and recognizable framework tying the center’s reports together visually while building in a margin of variability to exercise creativity for more prominent policy reports.

GQ Fall Issue 168

The Fall 2022 edition of GLASS: The UrbanGlass Art Quarterly (#168) is on newsstands and in subscribers’ mailboxes.

(Cover) Helen Lee‘s work is both art and alphabet, which makes it so appropriate for the article entitled “Multilingualism”. The cover article explores how Lee’s art practice intersects with her career as an educator, as well as a prominent advocate for economic and social justice causes. As article author Jennifer Hand explains, “Instead of seeing each of these iterations as distinct aspects of Lee’s practice, one need only look at the development of her artistic career to see how each facet informs and enriches the others.”

2021 CMI AR and Website

Child Mind Institute


“Thanks to the tireless work of the Child Mind Institute and a growing movement of like-minded organizations and individuals, the terrible stigma that has prevented families from seeking mental health care is receding.”

Answering the Call, the 2021 Annual Report, interprets the new visual brand of Child Mind Institute.

Expertly printed by Brilliant Graphics, Exton, PA




MOME Career Pathways

Stislow Design, in partnership with CUNY Research Foundation’s LMIS, designed a suite of career pathway resources for The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment to support their workforce and educational initiatives in film, television, theater, music, publishing, advertising and digital content. The project includes building out the first three career pathways mini site and producing related print brochures. Anxiously awaiting launch of live site by NYC.

2021 World Happiness Report


2021 edition of the World Happiness Report, and fourth in line of the new branding and colorful template system. COVID did not stop this report and event from taking place on the UN International Day of Happiness. Thank you to the extraordinary SDSN creative and editorial team for another great year!

Glass Magazine

Glass Quarterly Magazine

Stislow Design has been art directing Glass since 2006. In 2017 we headed up a redesign of the entire publication to make it more modern and bring more focus onto the artists and their images and personal stories.