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CUF Reports Design


Center for an Urban Future (CUF), a leading New York City-based think tank, sought out a report template design refresh to showcase their recommendations. The solution creates a unique and recognizable framework tying the center’s reports together visually while building in a margin of variability to exercise creativity for more prominent policy reports.

WFUNA Website

World Federation of UN Associations (WFUNA)

Stislow Design is proud to collaborate with mission-driven WFUNA on its branding and marketing communications. Their newly designed website launched spring 2019 with a more intuitive user experience, responsive and mobile-friendly platform and a content management framework to cohesively envelop their various initiatives and programs. The complex site architecture was a key challenge solved by prioritizing the various menus to users types. The main navigation was simplified to key themes, initiatives and programs. The homepage and landing pages were designed to navigate new site users to all information about WFUNA. The footer was leveraged to host links that were less sought out. And, micro site templates were designed and developed to contain the information architecture of the individual initiatives and programs separate of the main website.

Content is color coded to key themes (WFUNA and their global network, peace and security, sustainable development, human rights, global citizenship, and youth empowerment) creating a vibrant feel in the news masonry.

A navigable map solution illustrates WFUNA’s global network and provides contact information for all the UNAs (above). Microsite templates were leveraged for the various initiatives and programs giving the related sites a more reliable hosting solution, more cohesiveness and minimizing the management of all their content (below).