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2021 CMI AR and Website

Child Mind Institute


“Thanks to the tireless work of the Child Mind Institute and a growing movement of like-minded organizations and individuals, the terrible stigma that has prevented families from seeking mental health care is receding.”

Answering the Call, the 2021 Annual Report, interprets the new visual brand of Child Mind Institute.

Expertly printed by Brilliant Graphics, Exton, PA




Marbls Website



A brand update and website redesign to position this team of multi-national, niche experts in the life sciences and biotech space. The fun name absolutely needed explored in a fun but serious way. Animated abstracts give movement and life to this professional services consultancy website.


Client Other Projects

A Beacon for Children’s Mental Health

Child Mind Institute

“None of us were prepared for the coronavirus pandemic that has brought such pain, grief and devastation to families across the world. Yet, this moment has highlighted the power of the care and resources that the Child Mind Institute has to offer children and families everywhere. Even more, 2020 reminded us of the resilience of children, the fortitude of caregivers, and the incredible dividends we reap when we invest in their success.” This is how the annual report introduction starts. There’s no better way to state the crisis, the impact, and the resilience of the Child Mind Institute and its communities. In this year’s annual report it goes on to illustrate a more full picture of their expert teams’ response to unique and developing situations, underscored with personal stories, facts-and-figures of impact, and an outline of a path forward. You can read the full report on their site (English). (Spanish)





Distance Learning Solution

A place of distance learning for our dear friends at The Children’s School to continue their mission while apart together.

Mount Sinai’s AIGH Task Force Report

Mount Sinai's AIGH

Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine’s Arnold Institute for Global Health
Task Force on Global Advantage Report

The Task Force on Global Advantage asked, how can the United States improve community health by applying global lessons? The Task Force identified a set of breakthrough components, processes and mindsets from global settings that can form the basis for a new national approach to health care. Global Advantage refers to the benefit that the United States would gain from applying global lessons to improve community health.

The report is designed with bold colors from the Mount Sinai brand system to create an engaging piece. The process concept put forth by the task force was proposed as fold-out by Stislow Design. The fold-out went on to be separately reprinted as a giveaway.