Swatch Book Design

Reich Paper


A designer’s dream project: Working with a paper company on their promotional and marketing materials.

For over 60 years, Reich Paper, a Brooklyn-based, family-owned specialty paper and envelope company has been offering designers, printers, and connoisseurs of fine paper the best in paper, envelopes, and customer service.

Our work with Reich Paper started almost 20 years ago with their first website redesign. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Reich Paper on most of their promotional materials. The swatch book designs have been an evolving body of work. As part of the original design process, we discussed branding and leveraging the name recognition of one of their first grade lines, CT, back to the name Reich Paper in the form of a system of grade line logo lock-ups to cross-sell other and newer grade lines. Each grade line was then coded with a color inspired by the waterfall and/or characteristics of the papers.  The cover designs have evolved and we’re currently using a kaleidoscopic approach with a photographic subject related to the line.



The Reich Paper offerings continue to grow: CT, SHINE, ODEON, SAVOY, AVEO, DIGITAL, and LABEL. SAVOY remains one of the most popular 100% cotton sheets. ODEON is still one of our favorites. We’re always looking to use their paper and envelopes for other client projects. And, we’re always looking forward to what’s next on the Reich Paper marketing agenda.
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