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I Live. Send Help.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

jdc_featureFrom the depths of the Joint Distribution Committee’s rich archives history comes alive. Their influence on countless lives is chronicled is this elegant collector’s book with case. It’s commissioned as a 100-year commemorative piece to donors and supporters pulls from photographs and letters dating from 1914 compiled from JDC’s extensive Global Archives in New York and Jerusalem.

img_6993   img_8139-copyimg_7006The book is organized by decades delineated with openers of black stock and 2 hits of opaque white ink.

img_8136-copy img_8134-copy img_8130-copy  img_8133-copy   img_8140

Production details included spot varnishes of a gradating floral textures. Bright orange end leaves gives this earnest piece a touch of color.

The book design went out to inform an exhibition, “I Live. Send Help.” 100 Years of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, at the New-York Historical Society Museum & Library in New York City.


To accomplish the highest level of quality in the finished product, Stislow Design performed extensive production testing.