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Letters From Brno

Letters From Brno, an award winning documentary, tells a powerful personal story of parental love and sacrifice during the Holocaust.

In a 45 year search for clues to her mother’s past, a woman uncovers the tragic fate of her grandparents from the eyewitness accounts of their letters written during the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia.

See your local PBS and PBS World stations for local broadcasts of Letters From Brno.

Honored to be part of this film project.



Posters, program, and website for Letters From Brno. Next up: Transports for Truth.
Showcasing the rich archives of their mother’s family’s past, the power of the design lies in the warmth, texture and human emotions of the actual letters and photography. The face of the design is a treasured photo of Armin and Erika dramatically torn, an evocative thought that moved the films’ creators.